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Womens Inspire 2018: Insights from the Best

The Theme for this year’s Womens Inspire Network Conference in Galway was “Claim Your Space and Own It!”. The focus was strongly on Brand and Identity and how Building Your Brand is a critical ingredient to your Business Growth.

Womens Inspire Events are Unique

Womens Inspire Events are unique in the honesty and openness amongst the participants and the speakers. It is a supportive event like no other business event you’ll attend and worth it to experience the human side of business.

Speakers were generous with their time and their accessibility. You can feel the warmth and support from each and every one. Bravo to Samantha Kelly and her team at Womens Inspire Network for delivering a Human Event that spoke to the needs of women in business here and internationally.

Key Insights from the Day

From my perspective of course…

Samantha Kelly - Womens Inspire

Samantha Kelly
Womens Inspire Network


How to Reach Influencers
to Build Your Brand

  • Starting a business is NOT easy. You’ll have highs, lows & days when you wonder why you’re doing this at all. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have your back.
  • The Secret to Reaching Influencers? Don’t forget they’re human too.
  • The people I thought were out of reach when I started are my friends now!
  • Build Real Relationships with Influencers.
  • Don’t do it Alone – You Don’t Have To!

Noreen Taylor Doyle - Womens Inspire

Noreen Taylor Doyle
Irish Biltong


How I Created a Brand & Grew my Brand Awareness Through Social Media

  • Get people to take photos and tweet you They become your mystery shoppers and brand ambassadors!
  • Don’t just talk to prospective clients – find people who like what you offer who are happy to help.
  • Do things like Dragons Den but Remember to stick to your guns and Don’t Fold.
  • Yes, there are a lot of shit days but you get over them!
  • We’re in 700 Stores Nationwide and Now we’re exporting!

Emma Darcy - Womens Inspire

Emma D’ Arcy


The Importance of Brand Values & Vision
to YOU and Your Customers

  • Recognise your customers are emotional buyers
  • Know your Brand Values!
  • Be very clear with your customers WHO you are & WHAT you stand for.
  • Your tribe will come to you when they identify with your Brand.
  • Marketing is like marriage…..if you dont work at it divorce is on the cards…
  • People need to see the real you.  That’s the beauty of LIVE

Jade O'Connor - Womens Inspire

Jade O’Connor
FCR Media


AI for Local Business –
The New Customer Relationship

  • By 2020, 50% of all Searches will be Voice Search
  • Start Writing for the Spoken Word Now!
  • The Future is Conversational!
  • We’re moving into predictive web, combining natural language process and machine learning.
  • Voice Tech is a Paradigm Shift in How We Consume the Web
  • Soon You’ll Just Get One Result in your Searches.
  • It doesn’t matter who sells it only who sells it the best
  • The Interface of the Future is No Interface.

Philipa Jane Farley - Womens Inspire

Philipa Jane Farley


GDPR – What Does this Mean for My Business

  • Every company has an agenda. Is yours an ethical one? Or one just interested in money?’
  • How much do your customers trust you? Do you know? How can you find out?
  • Building your community – not lists – that is the most GDRP friendly outbound marketing you can do
  • Don’t underestimate how much people value privacy!

Alex Packham


Creating Quality Content Takes Time

  • 200 Million People Now Use Ad Blockers
  • This is why Content Marketing is so Important.
  • Content Marketing Generates 3 Times as Many Leads as Outbound Marketing
  • Content Marketers Experience 7.8 Times More Site Traffic

Finola Howard - Womens Inspire

Finola Howard
How Great Marketing Works


The Story of Your Brand – Where to Start

In this very Hands On Workshop we recreated the noise of the marketplace to understand what people hear in the middle of that noise.

The key understanding here is that what you believe you are saying is not necessarily what they (your customers) are hearing. This was a way to capture what they were hearing so you could refine your message and get through the noise.

  • Marketing is your Truth told. Great Marketing is your Truth Shared.
  • Be Brave enough to be Different and Tell your Truth
  • Uncover your story. Don’t create it. Uncover it.  It’s there… waiting to be told.

Louise McDonnell - Womens Inspire

Louise McDonnell


How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Facebook

  • Sales V’s Brand Awareness
  • Timing of previous post (make sure they’re not too close together)
  • Original Vs Shared Content
  • Getting traction on FB – quality, quality, quality!
  • Featuring a Person in images/videos Doubles Your Reach.

Frank Hynes - Womens Inspire

Frank Hynes


4 Essential Things To Know if
Seeking a Career Change

  • You can volunteer to try things to make change happen.
  • “Who’s stopping you from changing?” We are the primary person holding ourselves back.

Esther Lawson Ocampo - Womens Inspire

Esther Lawson Ocampo
IPA Group

Email Marketing – How it can Help Your Business

  • Monday is the Best Day to Send Emails
  • 21% of Purchases Happen within 2 Days of Receiving the Email.
  • 32% of Purchases Happen 2 Weeks after receiving the email.

Olive O'Connor - Womens Inspire

Olive O’Connor


How I Built my Brand

  • 23 million impressions with zero budget!
  • Marketing is no longer about the product you sell but the story you tell!
  • Capture your story like a CV, tell it like on TV’
  • Pool your resources, connect with other business people, share your resources!
  • Use your story, to Share your Story

Johnny Beirne - Womens Inspire

Johnny Byrne


 Speaking About Your Brand

  • Try this in the mirror. Or camera phone. Get used to looking at your face looking back at you.
  • Say to yourself – I have the experience and the expertise to educate, evolve and excel
  • All the P’s point the way
    • Personal Connection
    • Prospects
    • Profile (Positioning)
    • Personality
    • Progress
    • Pride (Certainty)

Joanne Sweeney Burke - Womens Inspire

Joanne Sweeney Burke
Digital Training Institute


The Role of Social Media in Digital PR

  • It’s not just about being found it’s about being chosen!
  • Trust is the biggest currency online right now
  • Don’t worry about people thinking you’ve a big head! Don’t worry about the competition. Be consistent. Share openly. Keep going.
  • Long form content is NOT dead! Are you #Blogging ? If not- you should be!
  • How do you make sure you’re at the front of your customers’ minds? How do you make sure that you’re the only choice? “Produce content, build up trust… but you HAVE to do it consistently”

Erin McGregor - Womens Inspire

Erin McGregor


Lets Find Out More…

  • Your weaknesses are your strengths
  • I don’t know where I’m going but I know I’m going somewhere! Most of us are the same! Absolutely nothing wrong with that, join us on the exciting journey that is life!

Lucy Hall - Womens Inspire

Lucy Hall
Avviso Media


How to Build an Awesome Brand from Your Mobile

  • Lucy’s Presentation really put it up to the Room. She issued a challenge to see how Mobile we all were.
  • Winners on the day were Eadaoin Curtin, Firechild Photography and Jade Goodfellow, Ziplines Ireland for their knowledge and day to day use of their  phones in their business.

Sean Gallagher - Womens Inspire

Sean Gallagher


Closing the Show

  • Nobody starts a big business, everybody starts small – have the courage to begin!Three keys elements of life goals growth gratitude
  • All business is about being of service.
  • I never get attached to what it is I do… I get attached to Am I meeting Needs… Am I solving Problems… Am I making a Living… Am I being fulfilled?
  • When You’re No Longer Fulfilled it’s time to move.
  • Small businesses are the glue that hold communities together.
  • “Ships were not built to stay in the harbour” Get out of your comfort zone!



To sum up, I have to say it was a wonderful event for any entrepreneur male or female.

It was an event that embraced the roller coaster ride that is the entrepreneurial journey.

It ‘walked the talk’ around Samantha Kelly’s opening comments which were – “Don’t Do it Alone!  You Don’t Have to!” It’s why she created Womens Inspire; the network and the events.

I couldn’t agree more. You don’t have to do it alone.

In fact it’s critical that you don’t.

Success will come because of those you surround yourself with and those you collaborate with.

You still carve your own path.

You can just have some help along the way while you walk that path.

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