Great Marketing is your truth shared

What is Great Marketing to You?

Everyone knows you need marketing to make a business successful.  It’s behind every product we buy, every place we go and even how we get there.

One would assume that we’d all have an inherent understanding of what Marketing is and what is needed to make it great.  We live with it every day so it must be just common sense.

The reality, as we know is different.

Marketing is something that businesses big and small struggle with.


At it’s core that struggle is about understanding more than just the idea of Marketing.

They struggle with how much there is to be done.

Businesses struggle with how it all connects and works together.

Yes, marketing might be understood in the individual specifics such as social media, advertising, flyers, banners, websites, press releases and so on and so forth.

And indeed, there are experts to be found everywhere in each of these disciplines.

The trick however, and this is the essence of GREAT marketing, is to understand how to connect each of these individual pieces and bring them in to the heart of the business.

When you do that, you have the potential to make your Marketing Great.

So, I’ve created Five Simple Truths to help you make that connect each of those individual aspects.

Use these as you think about your marketing and your business and the rest will fall in to place.

Five Simple Truths about Great Marketing.


  1. Marketing is about you.
    And it’s about making that something identifiable.
  2. It’s about choosing the right customers for you.
    And it’s about how you choose to relate to those customers.
  3. It’s about creating a product or service that those customers want.
    And it’s about how you get it to them at a price that they agree to.
  4. It’s about the people that deliver those products and services.
    And it’s about how you choose to relate to them.
  5. It’s about having a vision and passion for what you do.
    And it’s about how you can create a successful business from that.


Marketing is not a department that works in isolation from the rest of the business.


It’s not a flyer. It’s not a shot in the dark.


It’s something that ties everything you do together into something real.


Something Remarkable. Something Memorable. Something True.




Your Truth in how you create your products or services, how you treat your staff, how you treat the environment, how you treat your customers, how you build your revenue model, how you implement and monitor that.


So many questions and these are all intertwined.


It is your behaviours in all of these things that tell your truth.


It is a truth that’s told whether you do a press release or not, whether you do social media or build an ad campaign.


Marketing is a Truth that Every Part of your Business is Telling With or Without YOU. Click To Tweet


Let’s say it again… so we can really start to “GET” it…


Marketing is Your Truth Told…


The Objective should be therefore; to make that TRUTH great…


To make YOUR truth great.


Your Truth... and Your Marketing becomes Great when others Share It! Click To Tweet


Because that means they believe you and in you.


And they want to spread the word about you and what you do.


Great Marketing is your Truth Shared. Click To Tweet


Why not Choose to Build a Great Truth.


Why not Choose to Build a Great Business?


Everyone Can. You just have to keep those 5 Simple Truths in mind with every decision you make.


Choose  Great Marketing.


It will Transform Your Business and How You Do It.


Let me conclude with a short video to bring this idea home for you…



Please do share your thoughts about what Marketing is and what it means to you.


I’d love if you would add your own experiences and insights in the comments below.


Or even pose some questions.


How do you make your marketing great?


I love to work with businesses, both large and small to help them create sustainable business dreams... Brand and Strategy are at the heart of everything I do and that gets rolled out digitally and across any channel where your customer lives.

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