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Social Media Summit 2017: Insights From the Best

The theme for this year’s Social Media Summit was “Make Your Social Media Pay”. The focus was strongly on Return on Investment (ROI), optimizing your time and your reach, great tools and insights to help make it work and getting an understanding of how funnels really work and how long they take.

Speakers at the Social Media Summit were strongly in the “we do it every day” camp so the insights were very valuable.

Hats off to Cogs and Marvel and Samantha Kelly for creating and delivering such a wonderful and informative event.

Here are the key insights from the day from my perspective.


Niall Harbison Social Media Summit

Niall Harbison
The Lovin Group



How Social Scaled Lovin’

  • Create Content So Good You want to “@” somebody.
  • Pick your platforms and focus on the ones that you can be Great at – Don’t jump to the next shiny thing.
  • We Built Our Business on Facebook.
  • Facebook is Driving Most of our Sales and For Us SEO and Twitter is Dead

Jamie White - Social Media Summit

Jamie White
Leading Social



You Only Get What You Give with Social Media

  • I Love Marketing!
    (This Statement is my Personal Favourite from Social Media Summit)
  • Personality is Key for Brands to showcase who they are rather than replicating a template.
  • Don’t assume you know your audience! Back that up with Data.
  • Social is Like a Friendship. You don’t run it for a Campaign but for the Long Term.
  • Advertise Functionally – don’t Blanket Advertise.
  • Don’t Chuck Random Statements out there.



Social Media Summit

Andrea Finnegan



Social Care at Airbnb: From 1-2-1 Interaction to Customers for Life

  • 150K + monthly Customer Care Posts received at Airbnb – this number keeps me up at night!
  • Show your Community you care when they Need you Most.
  • Social care is not just incoming and reactive – it’s an opportunity to be proactive and surprising.

Dedicated Followers of Fashion Panel


Social Media Summit Social Media Summit Social Media Summit Social Media Summit

Chupi Sweetman

Nicki Hoyne
My Shining Armour
Fiona Lee
Jennifer McGinn
@ChupiJewelry @myshiningarmour @LittlewoodsIRL @JennieMcGinn

  • Story Telling is Critical for Fashion via Nicki Hoyne
  • We Were Born Online via Chupi Sweetman
  • I spend 20 hours of my week on Social via
  • We don’t take a picture in isolation we tell a story that is measured, we have major social KPIs via Chupi Sweetman
  • We work with Influencers but we choose them carefully via Fiona Lee
  • The Right Influencer finds Your People via Chupi Sweetman
  • Find When Your Followers are Online and Post then via Nicki Hoyne.
  • Not feeling it? Don’t post. Your audience will know it’s just content for content’s sake via Chupi Sweetman
  • Authenticity Matters via Chupi Sweetman


Social Media Summit

Sarah Cunningham



Instagram Marketing in 2017

  • Social Media Fatigue is becoming real enough for brands too – sometimes you just get tired of talking 🙂
  • Be where they are and when they are – who are your people – get to know them and be in the right place at the right time
  • Use a full funnel approach in your campaigns


Social Media Summit

Jacinta Walker



Going Full Circle:
Driving Sales Pipelines with Social Media

  • The New Buying Funnel has 27 Touchpoints before they visit your site.
  • If the metric isn’t money you can’t measure the ROI
  • Data allows you to become a better Advertiser and Marketer
  • Cold calling is dead. Data driven prospecting is key. Leverage your data & sales force.
  • My budget for IT is bigger than the head of the IT department.


Social Media Summit

Greg Owens



Twitter & the Power of #NOW

  • Twitter isn’t a “look at me” platform. We’re a “look at that” platform.
  • Check out the Impressive Twitter Campaign with the British Heart Foundation – simple and effective.

How to Make an Impact Quickly

Early Hook Text Topicality
+58% More Likely for Ad to be viewed +11% More Likely for Ad to be viewed

+28% Longer Dwell Times

+32% Likelihood for video to be viewed >3 secs

+11% Longer Dwell Times


Social Media Summit

Chris Out



How to Find Your Next Growth Hack
Using the Power of Social Media

  • Growth (System) Hacking
    There’s been a word missing up until now
  • You Need to Build a Growth System before You Can Hack it!
  • No market is the biggest reason startups fail
  • There’s lots of free data on users on Facebook – Mine it or lose out on growth [system] hacking
  • Foundation for fast growth starts with the mindset, you have to be open for change.
  • What constitutes product/market fit? If 40% of your audience would be disappointed if they couldn’t buy your product anymore.


Social Media Summit

Paul O’Mahony



Rethinking Social Media

  • Care enough and make it Youdia instead of Media
  • Where are your Customers in their Life Cycle?
  • The word Emotions comes from two words – Emot which comes from movement and Ion which is a Charged Particle – therefore Emotions are the movements of charged particles.


Social Media Summit

Lisa Toner

@ LisaToner13


The Dos and Dont’s of Influencer Marketing

  • Don’t be replaceable. Be remarkable.
  • If you’re willing to be a compliant cog in a giant machine then you are replaceable – Seth Godin
  • 3% of individuals in a conversation have 90% of the impact.
  • Great influencers should give you relevance, reach and resonance


Social Media Summit

Cian Corbett



Live the Story You Want to Tell:
Social Storytelling & Content Creation

  • Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.
  • Use Sequential Storytelling when you’re building your campaign.
  • 72% of those who saw the #teachtabhaile Ad thought they had seen it on TV

3 Examples of Excellent Storytelling


Social Media Summit

Micheal Nagle
Paddy Power



Marketing & Mischief – On Snapchat

  • We see Snapchat as a massive growth opportunity for Paddy Power in 2017
  • Snapchat is not just for kids
    • 10M People use Snapchat Daily in the UK
    • 77% of Snapchatters in the UK are over 18
  • Regular Content Features such as “Bell End” and “Monday Moan” have been standout success stories
  • Platform drives loads of positive sentiment, followers are highly engaged and lap any content up
  • Geofilter for Paddys Day was very successful driving more bang for buck than ITV ads

Nicola Byrne



For Better or For Worse?
Why Sentiment Matters on Social Media

  • Decide – If it’s not worth going on the front of a newspaper, then it’s not going on our social channels!
  • Can we measure Social Sentiment if software can’t understand context?

Social Media Summit

Geoffrey Keating



Using content to grow a business

  • If anyone tells you that people don’t read books anymore, don’t believe them!  We have 110K readers of our book!
  • The more you focus on your own products the less readers you will have
  • Great content takes time – lots of it!
  • Great Content has an Opinion
  • Content Marketing NOT Marketing Content, there’s a massive difference.


Social Media Summit

Mari Smith
Queen of Facebook





Winning Facebook Strategies: 5 Powerful Ways To Leverage Your Results & ROI

  • Caring is scalable!
  • Facebook is running out of Ad Inventory
  • It’s getting more competitive to Cut Through

It’s Hip to be Square

  • Square performs better on Facebook and Instagram
  • It gets +28% more video views than landscape
  • And it takes up 78% more screen space than landscape
  • Square videos have a +67% higher view completion rate


Social Media Summit

Chris Flack



Maximising Performance in a Distracted World

  • How much screen time is good for you? Track it – use the Moment App to help you find out.
  • Create Boundaries with how you work and Use something like the Freedom app to help you
  • Unplug and use the technology to help you do it


Social Media Summit

John Glynn
The Gavin Glynn Foundation



The Gavin Glynn Foundation

Moving Presentation by John Glynn highlighting Gavin’s story and the Foundation that now helps so many others like Gavin get financial support to go abroad for medical treatment.

  • Amazing Social Media Campaign €350K raised in one week to get treatment in US.
  • John cited the impact that Social Media had on the foundation calling for help from practitioners so the foundation can do even more.
  • Can you help @TEAMGAVINGLYNN


Social Media Summit

Liam Corcoran



Social Content

  • The big unsolved problem – Too Much Information and no way of knowing what’s important!

Felicity McCarthy, Spark Digital
Masterclass: Unlocking Social Media Metrics


Clarify Your Goals

Social Media Summit

Your Awareness Goal

Social Media Summit

The Consideration Goal

Social Media Summit

Traffic Goal

Social Media Summit

The Conversion Goal

Social Media Summit

The Lead Generation Goal

Social Media Summit

Your Dashboard for Measuring Campaigns

Social Media Summit

Social Media Summit

Krishna De
Biz Growth Media



Masterclass: Bring your brand to life with live video

One in every Five Facebook Videos is a Live Broadcast
Fidji Simo, Head of Video at Facebook 6th April 2017

7 Tips Before You Go Live

  1. Have the Outline of Your Live Video Story
  2. Check your data, lighting and sound
  3. Consider Streaming Privately to Test
  4. Title Your Live Stream including Hashtags
  5. Promote Your Live Stream
  6. Plan Your Content but do not use a script
  7. Have a clear call to action

Social Media Summit

Dan Knowlton
KPS Digital Marketing



Masterclass: Snapchat and Storytelling

  • Break it Down – Your Story that is – From High to Low
  • Have your Core Story and Your Everyday Story
  • Show them what you’re doing – that’s your everyday story!

Masterclass: Live and Targeted
– The Future of Digital Video

Social Media Summit

Greg Fry



Useful Mobile Video Apps

  • Quik – Video Editor from Go Pro
  • iMovie – iOS only
  • Power Director – android only
  • Magisto Video Editor and Movie Maker
  • Filmora Go
  • Adobe Premier Clip
  • Splice – iOS only
  • Boomerang
  • Clips
  • Hyperlapse
  • Animoto

Also reference


Masterclass: Full Social Strategy From Engagement to Conversions

Social Media Summit

Natalie Maas

Social Media SummitAnna Pas
Wolfgang Digital


Full Funnel Social Media Strategy

Social Media Summit

Natalie and Anna shared their Campaign Checklist that they use on every one of their campaigns at Wolfgang Digital. You can download the Campaign_Checklist here.



I have to say it was a wonderful couple of days filled with insights, meeting old friends and new contacts. One of the highlights for me was when Greg Fry got us to make a live video in just 9 Minutes. In our team we had @fintanmurphy @muireannking  @Animated_Anna and me @FinolaHoward. You can check out the video here if you’d like a look 🙂

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