Enter Slingshot60 for a chance to win €10K

Enter Slingshot60 for a chance to win €10K

We are delighted to announce a new competition style initiative for Wexford based companies called Slingshot60. This a small business competition designed to slingshot your business to growth and success over 60 days.

Open to All Wexford Businesses.

It’s open to all Wexford businesses and is being supported by the Wexford LEO (Local Enterprise Office).

EVERYONE, whether selected or not, you can follow each businesses progress, cheer for the business you support and you can even participate online in the challenges themselves online.

Four Businesses will be Selected

Four businesses will be selected to participate from a competitive vetting process.

All four businesses will will receive mentoring and promotion worth several thousand euros over the course of 60 Days. Think of it like an “operation transformation” programme for your business.

The Greatest Transformation Wins!

Every 10 Days the four businesses will be set a challenge on a key aspect of their business.  They will each receive guidance and support on how to make the most of each challenge.

Every Challenge will be scored independently using the Slingshot60 Growth Index.

The Business with the highest score at the end of the 60 Days will win the grand prize of €10,000 worth in prizes.

If you know of a Wexford Business who would benefit from this transformational process and the chance to win the €10K grand prize then please share this with them.

Slingshot60 is brought to you by:

This Competition is a new initiative brought to you by:


 Slingshot60 Wexford LEO

Wexford Local Enterprise Office


 Slingshot60 Teri Morris

Teri Morris, Impulse Hub


 Slingshot60 Finola Howard

Finola Howard

How Great Marketing Works



Applications close on the 16th of February. You’ll want to get going because there’s some work involved in the application process.

More information and to apply here: https://www.slingshot60.com/

Best of Luck to Everyone and Remember, You can’t win if you’re not registered.

Slingshot60 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Slingshot60competition/

Slingshot60 Twitter account: https://twitter.com/slingshot60

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