quiet choice in business

Do You Think it’s Time for the Quiet Choice in Business?

We live in a fast paced world. We all know that.

It’s noisy out there and as a result it’s often noisy in here too.

‘Here’ being inside … inside your head, inside your heart and inside your very centre.

It’s that place where creativity occurs… where truth happens…

In creating a successful business… truth and authenticity are a currency that is highly valued.

And in that truth you will find resonance with your customers and with your vision.

You’ll find it there… there… in the quiet…


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You will always make your best decisions in the quiet.

The quiet where there is time to think and to instinctively know that this is the right course of action for you right now.

We think that these moments of quiet are rare.

They are. They don’t need to be.

They are simply a choice.

A choice to lean back and see what is really happening.

A choice to observe the challenge, the opportunity and quite often the drama.

It is then that we can know the correct course of action for ourselves in that moment.

It is then that we can make a quiet choice.

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How much time do you give to quiet every day?

Have you found that it made a difference to you?

Has it had an impact on your business?

Has it made a difference to every part of your life?

What tips would you give to someone to help them achieve that quiet?

Share your tips with me here and we’ll create an infographic that you can share.

We’ll credit every one we use.

I love to work with businesses, both large and small to help them create sustainable business dreams... Brand and Strategy are at the heart of everything I do and that gets rolled out digitally and across any channel where your customer lives.

4 responses to “Do You Think it’s Time for the Quiet Choice in Business?

    1. We just have to create the room around us to make that leap a good one…
      Lov’n the Leap’n might be my new tagline… 😉

      Have you any insights Alicia that you’d like to add to the infographic?

  1. This is great Finola! The world is getting louder all the time! We absolutely need quiet time, to pause, reflect and process. Our poor overstimulated brains are often overwhelmed by the noise, the bright lights, the never ending chatter, to the point we are stressed, sleeping poorly and with 1 in 4 of us likely to experience a Mental Health problem over the course of our lives this is serious business! So the benefits to quiet time, or alone time and making use of silence are overwhelmingly positive. 10 minutes meditation or mindfulness a day can have a huge impact on your capacity to think clearly, this makes sense for business right? Studies have shown that silence is associated with the development of new cells in the hippocampus, the key brain region associated with learning and memory. Now who in business doesn’t want a bigger, better brain? We need to be quiet to cultivate new ideas, to tap into our creativity and to make way for new perspectives. Here’s my top 3 tips:
    1) Take a break from social media every day – it gets really noisy out there. Have at least 1 day a week when you turn off your mobile phone.
    2) Take 10 minutes everyday to sit quietly or take a walk in silence, focus on your breathing and allow your mind to quieten down
    3) Be committed to the first two

    1. Hard to believe it’s 1 in 4 of us will experience a Mental Health Problem… We really need to do something about that.

      Thank you for your wonderful tips Sheila. Maybe this will be our small contribution to helping our state of mind.

      I’ll incorporate them into the infographic and let you know when I’ve compiled it 🙂 Thank you again 🙂

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