Meet Grant Perry

Meet Grant Perry, Our Expert on YOUR Customer Acquisition

Are you finding the prospect of tackling digital marketing a near impossibility due to the sheer scale of everything you need to do? We talk to Grant Perry about this challenge that faces many entrepreneurs!

In this Get Strategic Expert Panel interview, we chat to digital and pre-digital specialist Grant Perry, a Globe Trotting New Zealander who established his expertise by working with giants such as The Bank Of England, Nissan & Disney in California on how to master digital marketing and make it work for you.

The key to successful marketing according to Grant Perry is to truly focus on using the information your digital marketing gives you, to see and hear the movements of your customers on all your platforms.

This direct response is vital and how you react to it can spell both success or failure for your business. With it you can learn to detect and interpret the patterns of:

  1. Where your customers prefer to spend their time and linger,
  2. Which areas of your website they tend to avoid,
  3. How easy you have made it for them to purchase or engage

Once you start to see these patterns emerge it is critical then to, analyze, understand and amend accordingly.

Another tip Grant Perry, advocates is to always have a direct call to action in every social media post or other marketing tool you are using. Don’t leave your customer hanging, not knowing how and where to get hold of you or your product.

Be clear. Be Consistent and most importantly... Be Available! Click To Tweet

Check out the full interview here. There are so many other gems embedded in this conversation between two deeply experienced marketers that you will surely walk away with many more invaluable insights from it.


Grant Perry is part of the Get Strategic… Add An Expert Program which we created to support entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

By personally selecting and vetting each expert on the program we knew we could ensure the quality and impact with every encounter. And we bring it to you in an affordable and accessible way.

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Alternatively, if you would like some guidance, we can help you match your need with the right person to help you face your current challenge at exactly the right time for you.

This is truly is an Accessible Experts Initiative.

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Get Strategic Add An Expert - Meet Grant Perry


Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Founder at How Great Marketing Works | Website

I love to work with businesses, both large and small to help them create sustainable business dreams... Brand and Strategy are at the heart of everything I do and that gets rolled out digitally and across any channel where your customer lives.

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