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Marty Neumeier: Customers Are The True Volunteers

If you don’t know who Marty Neumeier is already, let me share with you one of his own Bio’s:

Marty Neumeier decided to be a graphic designer at age seven.

In college, he took leave of his senses and auditioned for the Monkees (no luck).

In 1984 he and his wife drove a U-HAUL truck to a new life in Silicon Valley.

He nearly ran over Steve Jobs in the street (close one!).

A magazine he published on design thinking nearly broke him.

He discovered a genius for business strategy (alas, too late).

By accident, he wrote a book read by 23 million people.

About four years ago I tagged him on Twitter as I was reading his latest book – he replied! When we went around France in 2016, we visited the Lascaux Caves because he suggested it after I emailed him for ideas. He’s a genius and a humble human and never forgets to connect on that level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Marty Neumeier.

For me, as a lover of all things brand, Marty Neumeier is a must read.  You do not know brand or understand brand strategy unless you’ve read at least one of his many books.

He is famous for saying…


A Brand is Not What You Say it is - Marty Neumeier


And this gives you some indication of his focus and insight into customers.

Customers lie at the heart of everything he does.

In this live webinar, Marty speaks with me about that journey from aged 7 when he said “I’m going to be a Commercial Artist when I grow up” to where he is now having published so many important books on brand, on growth and business transformation.

He answers questions posed by participants in the webinar about the future of branding, the importance of strategy, his favourite client branding project and so much more.

Snippets from the session incl:

  • “Customers are the true volunteers. They only hang with you when they want to”
  • “If you’re building a brand, you’re creating not only individual customers, but tribe members who will reinforce what’s good about your brand with each other.”
  • “If you’re doing it right, your customers are running the company and you’re serving them, serving customers.”
  • “If you want to move up the food chain in your branding career, get strategic.”
  • And so much more…

Check out the interview here:

Thank you Marty Neumeier for sharing your inspiring story and unique insights with us.

Marty will be speaking at the Design Enterprise Skillnet event in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday November 6th, 2019 – A must see event for anyone interested in brand.


Download the Transcript Here

I love to work with businesses, both large and small to help them create sustainable business dreams... Brand and Strategy are at the heart of everything I do and that gets rolled out digitally and across any channel where your customer lives.

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      I’m delighted you enjoyed it. What was it in particular that resonated with you or what did you take away from it?
      Looking forward to hearing more.

      Finola 🙂

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