Expand Your View of Creativity

How to Have an Idea. Expand Your View of Creativity.

The subject of creativity often comes up when working with entrepreneurs and business people and the perception that unless you work in the arts you can’t be creative.

Conversely, I’ve had several conversations with artistic clients that are often subjected to the view that being  commercial means they’re selling out.

Happily, these lines are starting to blur as we move across them to disrupt, create, harvest and make our mark as entrepreneurs.

Expand Your View of Creativity

I remember working with a client in the artistic space some years ago. She’s an illustrator who also outputs her illustrations as giftware. She was excitedly explaining to me how she’s started a Diploma in Finance and how creative she found the whole experience.

It’s all about how you look at things really, isn’t it!

Singer extrordinaire, Kate Bush thought about it differently and even wrote a beautiful song about the number Pi which is probably perceived as the least creative topic for a song.

Funnily enough there are 227,000 songs on YouTube about the number Pi.

So Let’s think differently. Have a listen to it here.

Kill Your Timid Notion of Creativity!

Designer, Writer and Illustrator Frank Chimero created a flowchart on how to get started on bringing the creative process to life, no matter who you are.

It’s a fabulous infographic and one that’s worth pasting on your wall.


How to Have an Idea Expand Your View of Creativity


Remember this…

The Best Way to Have a Good Idea is to Have Lots of Them! Click To Tweet

And the other great oneliner is…

There is no process unless you start. No one crumples a blank sheet of paper. Click To Tweet

So have a go and enjoy what you discover.

Let me leave you with this thought.

We are more than we ever thought we would be and the best has yet to come.

So go have an idea.

Expand Your View of Creativity.

Bring it both Inside and Outside your Business.


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