Welcome to How Great Marketing Works

Welcome to How Great Marketing Works

Origin of The Programme

I first created the How Great Marketing Works strategic marketing process about 17 years ago. Then it was designed for a group of entrepreneurs who really wanted to get into the thick of strategic marketing. And they did. In fact, it was so successful it was repeated several times a year since 2009 and in many locations around the country.

The next step was to test the programme in a one to one environment to see if someone could complete it on their own. This also proved very effective. In both cases those businesses who embraced this marketing training programme were really able to transform their businesses methodically, strategically and effectively. Moreover they were able to do it with vision in mind.

How Great Marketing Works; the process and the training has been successfully delivered internationally in Ireland, the UK, USA and Australia. It’s interesting to note that there are little cultural differences in business terms across these countries. Companies and entrepreneurs face the same challenges at the same stages in each of these countries and the patterns bear this out.How Great Marketing Works

Now How Great Marketing Works is available online and at a price that is affordable to anyone at any stage in their business. It’s been a dream of mine for some time to create a programme that can help the entrepreneur get to grips with great marketing easily. It’s been a real labour of love and I hope that you take the opportunity to sign up, take the journey and really reap the benefits that so many have before you.

A Thank You to All those Who have Helped

Thank You

I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping bring this to life online. Thank you to great designer John Rooney who captured the essence of the training programme. Thank you to Billy Rooney for collaborating on the videos you’ll see on the site. Thanks to Vicki McGowan who helped in building each module. She’s been a great resource over the course of this last year. Thanks to Vitamin Studio who brought the site itself online. Always a smile no matter the challenge – that is invaluable.

And lastly, thank you to Kevin, Sean, my parents and sister – your belief in me has never wavered and is always cherished.

Now lets go 🙂


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