How To Get Started on Facebook Live

You’ve probably heard lots of reports and stats about how video is the future of social media. And you may be wondering how you can post videos when you don’t have a fancy camera or advanced editing skills. Facebook gives you an easy way to incorporate video into your social media strategy with its Facebook Live tool.

Since it was introduced in April 2016, it has been embraced by small businesses and individual professionals. Stats from Vimeo show that 78% of online audiences are watching videos on Facebook Live.

Facebook Live lets you stream videos live from wherever you are. While you’re sitting at your desk, you can interact with your customers in real time and respond to their comments and questions. And all you need is the camera and microphone on your computer or smartphone.

You can post a Facebook Live video from your personal profile, your business page or a Facebook group. You can also stream live content for up to four hours at a time.


How Does Facebook Live Work?

Getting started on Facebook Live is simple. You click or tap on the Live Video button in the “Write Something” box at the top of your newsfeed, or you open the camera on your phone. Facebook will ask you for access to your camera and microphone and you grant it. If you’re using Facebook on a computer, Facebook will also advise you to use the Google Chrome Browser for your broadcasts.

A Facebook Live box comes up which gives you various options to present your video attractively. You have space to write a compelling description that will make people want to watch.

You can also choose who sees the video. When you’re starting out, choose “Only Me”, meaning you’re the only one who sees the video. This allows you to test the camera angles and voice levels that work for you before you broadcast your video to an audience.

How to Start Your Facebook Live Broadcast

When you’re ready, click or tap “Go Live.” Facebook gives you a three-two-one-countdown and then you’re live.

There are slight differences in how Facebook Live works depending on whether you’re using it on your phone or desktop. HubSpot has created an incredibly comprehensive guide to Facebook Live which breaks these down for you.

While you’re broadcasting, you’ll be constantly interacting with your viewers. If your content is interesting enough, you’ll start to receive comments and questions from the audience. You can reply to those while you’re chatting. When you’re ready to stop your video, you hit “Finish.” The good news is that your video will stay on your feed afterwards, so it will keep bringing value to your brand after you finish broadcasting.

Why Should I Engage with Facebook Live?

Facebook Live has many benefits, but the biggest advantage is that Facebook Live gives you the chance to connect with your customers and to imprint your brand on their consciousness.

The more you broadcast, the easier you make it for people to discover you. They’ll start to see you as a trusted source of valuable content. And if they don’t catch you while you’re broadcasting live, they’ll be able to watch the video when it suits them. Even though Facebook Live happens in real time, it’ll keep bringing you value over a longer period.

If you’re a small business with a very limited budget and you’re keeping a lot of balls in the air, Facebook Live saves you time and money. Broadcasting via Facebook Live costs nothing, you don’t need expensive equipment, and you don’t need to spend time fiddling with recording and editing software. You just need good natural light and a trustworthy device.

And just in case you need further convincing about the value of Facebook Live, an article from Social Media Today shows that one-fifth of all videos posted on Facebook come from Facebook Live, and that people spend three times longer watching live video than they spend watching other forms of video.


We hope that this post has given you all the tools to get up and running on Facebook Live. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at How Great Marketing Works. We’re enthusiastic users of Facebook Live and we’ll be happy to help you tap into its benefits.




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