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Feature Roll Up: Get Yourself a Buddy. Now Watch the Results!

Delighted to share with you the first of our planned Feature Roll Ups for the How Great Marketing Works experience.  It’s our Buddy Program.

When I created How Great Marketing Works I was committed to ensuring that it would always be a place that would evolve, grow and remain current and relevant.  I wanted it to be a place that members would return to time and again as their business continued to grow and scale.

Feature Roll Ups

With that in mind we have a series of new features that will be added to the program over the next while. Some will be included in our monthly membership of just $12 per month.  Our Buddy Program is one of those.

Some will be additional services for which members can opt in and out of as they see fit.  Prices will be in keeping with our ethos around this program and the nature of the service itself.

These, are all called Feature Roll Ups.

Today we launch a Feature Roll Up that is in direct response to some wonderful feedback from members on our Facebook Group. It is our Buddy Program.

The Buddy Program

The  Buddy Program is a way of helping members on the entrepreneurial journey by having someone they can meet up with either physically or virtually to share, brainstorm and support each other.

Your Buddy is someone who will hold you accountable to the targets you set yourself. They will support you when you fall short and cheer you on with your every success.

The Biggest Buddy of them all, will of course be me. In addition, to being  your teacher / mentor in  Get Strategic… Get Results! itself, I’ll be in the Facebook Group each week supporting you both live and recorded setting small tasks for you as buddies to work on together.

These small tasks will be in line with the modules on the program and will add another dimension to the learning experience. Each task is designed to help tease out each of those individual challenges that we all face as entrepreneurs so that we can work on them together in the group.

This is How it Works:

  • Become a Member!
    If you’re a Business Owner and :

    1. Want to Navigate the Roller Coaster Ride that is the Entrepreneurial Journey,
    2. Understand that you need Marketing to Help you Grow Your Business,
    3. Are Interested in Looking at the Bigger Picture that is Your Vision,
    4. Then Get Strategic… Get Results! is for you.
      Sign up for the FREE 14 Day Trial and get started.
  • Say Yes to a Buddy!
    If you’d like to have a buddy with you on this journey. Just say YES in our Buddy Post in the Facebook Group –
  • Choose Your Buddy or we can Match You Up.
    Just let us know in the Facebook Post who your buddy is or if you would like us to match you up.
    We match businesses that will stretch you a little and also support you.
    Criteria include:

    • What you’ve shared you want out of the program
    • The degree of difference between each business so that no preconceived ideas are brought to the match
    • Some other insights we would have gained about each business during the process.
    • Our advice? Embrace the difference
  • Put Aside Some Time Every Week
    Every week, schedule something recurring in your diary to touch base with your Buddy. It doesn’t have to be for long. It just has to be consistent so you can build this in to your routine. Once you’re in flow, the time will take care of itself.
  • Weekly Wednesday Check In
    (12.30pm Irish Time or 8.30am Eastern Standard Time)
    Once a Week I will post a video of things for buddy partners to work on in the coming week.  This is also the place where buddies can ask questions or share what they’ve discovered with their buddy in the previous week.

Intention for the Buddy Program

Our intention is that having a buddy will help members progress through the program faster.

We will also have some prizes for key points along the journey.  More on that later.

If you’d like to know more about Get Strategic… Get Results! check out our Program Tour. It should answer many of the questions you might have. Alternatively, you can always message us. We’d be happy to speak to you about it.

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