How To Get the Facebook Algorithm On Your Side

If you want your Facebook Ads to work, you need to get the Facebook Algorithm on your side.  This is the consistent message you will get from Facebook’s own Marketing Experts and it really is gold. The insight, for me was to humanise the algorithm and start to think from her perspective (yes, for me, it’s a her).

Get To Know The Facebook Algorithm

When you think of her, you don’t necessarily think she needs to learn anything. Do you?  I mean, what exactly does she need to learn?

In order to be successful, the Facebook Algorithm needs to learn about you, what your objectives are, what you are trying to accomplish and who you want to build a connection with.

It’s not unlike building a relationship with a child. And I mean that most respectfully.

If you think of the Facebook Algorithm as an adult, you will make assumptions about what she already knows.

Whereas, if you start fresh, with a blank slate i.e. a child, you will have more realistic expectations of her.

You Can Teach The Facebook Algorithm What She Needs To Know


Think of her as a child who’s trying to learn how to play with you. This child needs to be rewarded with “feelings” of success consistently. Quick and easy wins at the start as you build your relationship and then move to more complex ones as your relationship grows.

And your relationship with her does indeed grow. She gets better the more you teach her.  She gets better the more you feed her. And, you feed her with data.

The Facebook Pixel is the tool she uses to learn more about you and for you. It’s that little piece of code, which acts as a bridge between your website and your Facebook Account so you both can see exactly what happens after people click on your Facebook ad.

Think of your Facebook Pixel as the spoon by which you feed the Facebook Algorithm what she needs in order to learn what works best for you.

Let’s talk a little about your customers before we go back to our lovely algorithm. This is the foundation we need to have in place before we begin.

First, Understand the Easy Wins With Your Customer

Think about it. Isn’t it easier to entice someone to read or like something rather than to buy something from a complete stranger? Or to spend a small amount of money where there is little risk rather than a large amount of money where they are more exposed?

Win With Your Customer Profile

Winning in business is about finding the right match between what you’ve got with the people who are willing to pay you for it. So, it’s critical to know who the “right people” are. Invest the time in first defining and then understanding who these customers could be and then focus on building a trust relationship between you, one step at a time.

Sometimes this journey is longer than others. Sometimes it’s shorter.  And that’s all about understanding how your target customer likes to buy and who’s competing for each step. Don’t forget that:

Ad Space is Auctioned Space, so you’ll be competing with others for each spot. Click To Tweet

There are an enormous amount of advertisers competing for each slot in the feed. It’s easy to forget that when you’re crafting your Facebook ads and that has implications.

The Implications of Competition in the Ad Environment are:

  • Traffic is cheaper to “buy” than Sales (Conversions).
  • Engagement is cheaper to “buy” than Sales (Conversions).
  • Sales (conversions) are the most expensive commodity on Facebook.
  • Sales (conversions) are more likely to happen with people who already know, like and trust you i.e. a “warm audience”.
  • When the audience is “cold”, the price goes up!

Your Facebook Ad Strategy Simplified!

  1. Find the right traffic that wants to get to “know” you first.
  2. Build trust with them by showing them who you are and how you can help them.
  3. When they are comfortable with you, show them the product or service that will help them best.  This is what we call a “warm” audience and a warm audience is more open to buying from you than a cold one.

Understanding this process, will help you understand how to set up the right Facebook Ad Strategy for your business.

Often this will mean there are inherently two campaigns in a single ad strategy. One campaign to warm them and one campaign to sell to them. Now, back to our lovely algorithm.

Feed The Algorithm The Easy Wins First

The easy wins are like the pureed vegetables you give to your child before you get to the solid food. They are generally the wins that are higher up the buying process. Here are a few examples:

  • Traffic to Read a Useful Blog Article on Your Website.
  • Downloading a Free Checklist, Worksheet, Insiders Guide in exchange for an email address.
  • Registration for a Free Webinar.
  • Signing Up for a Free Test Drive of a Product etc.
  • Purchase of a Low Priced Product that comes at the right time e.g. a Mother’s Day gift the week before Mother’s day.

These easy wins, warm your audience and reward the Facebook Algorithm with successes.

With success, the algorithm gains confidence and shows your ad to more people like those that went to your site, downloaded your checklist, registered for your webinar etc. You’ve now taught her that these particular people find these particular things relevant so she’ll learn with every success and seek to deliver more of them.

The Facebook Algorithm always wants to deliver relevant content. Relevance is a big word in her vocabulary!

Then, Teach The Algorithm The Next Step

According to research, 96% of first time website visitors are NOT ready to buy. You need to bring them back a few times in order to build that warm relationship with them.

So logically, we shouldn’t be trying to sell them something the first time we “meet” them. We shouldn’t be showing them “conversion ads” the first time the Facebook Algorithm “meets” them either.

This is where “retargeting comes in”.

Retargeting means showing a set of ads to someone who has already been on our website in the last 30 days or less. They are a warmer audience because they’ve already been there.

The more they’ve been there, the warmer they get and the greater the odds that this is the customer that needs what we have to offer.

Now, when we show ads to this audience, we have a higher success rate in terms of conversion.

We make more sales AND the algorithm can learn more effectively what a successful sale (conversion) looks like.

As the algorithm learns she will refine who she shows your ads to at every level.

The Facebook Algorithm Learns At The Account Level across ALL your ads. Click To Tweet

So, when you teach the Facebook Algorithm what success looks like at each stage, she learns how to do better next time, at each stage.

Success is a key data point for the algorithm. The more data you feed the algorithm, the more successes she will feed back.

This is how to get the Facebook Algorithm on your side.

This is how to Get Strategic with your Facebook Ad Strategy and Get Results!

Get Strategic Get Results





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  1. Very helpful information. I will teach myself and the algorithm how to do it and how to reach out to the right customers. Thank you Finola, You always give great advice which brings me closer to my Clients.

    1. I am glad you found it useful Ula. It’s so true that once we find that path to our customers, we simply have to stay with them on the journey. Enjoy. Looking forward to seeing how it comes alive for you.

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