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Growing your accounts reach is something that all businesses with social media accounts strive to do but are not always successful at doing so. Crowdfire is designed to help you do just that. In this article, I’ll be taking you through everything you need to know to use Crowdfire and make your social media accounts increase their reach. Enjoy.

Crowdfire sign upLET’S GO

Like most applications you will be required to create an account, and like most applications it’s quite simple.

Just connect one of your social media accounts. Your username and password will be that of the linked account, making it easy to remember. You can link other profiles you wish to manage with the app at a later stage.


Crowdfire’s features enable you to grow your Twitter and Instagram accounts through the use and application of its various features where you see fit. These features include:


This feature is exclusive to twitter. Your non-followers are the accounts that you follow and don’t follow you back. These accounts are listed with a big read unfollow button located beside them – see below.


crowdire non followers


Deciding whether to unfollow these accounts or not is of course your choice. All decisions should be made according to whatever plan you have in place for your social media accounts.

Some accounts will not follow you back initially, others will and as you grow so will your list of followers. 

Insider Tip: If someone doesn’t follow you back within a week of following them then they are either inactive on Twitter or just not interested. This is a two way conversation so unfollow them. There’s no use tweeting to someone who doesn’t want to engage.

In some cases you may not want Unfollow them because you find the content they produce of value or you just don’t want to. You can Whitelist these kinds of accounts, a feature that we will also discuss in this article.


Recent followers will allow you to see accounts who followed you recently. This feature is also exclusive to twitter. You have 3 types of recent follower:

  • Ones you follow.
  • The ones you don’t.
  • And the ones that unfollowed you.


recent followers crowdfire

Once you click into the recent followers section, you must then decide what you want to do with your new followers. You can choose to follow them back or not or perhaps even blacklist them.

If they’re in your target market Follow Them Back!

Insider Tip: If they’re selling Facebook Fans, Followers or something unsavoury then these are the ones you blacklist.


Like recent followers, this feature allows you to do the opposite. Once clicked, the recent followers page will again display 3 types of followers:

  • Profiles who unfollowed you and you are following them.
  • Various accounts who unfollowed and then re-followed you.
  • Accounts who unfollowed you and you aren’t following them.


recent unfollowers crowdfire

If they’ve unfollowed you they don’t want to read what you have to say. Again as social media is social it’s best to just unfollow them. 


This feature is more a less explained by the heading. Inactive followers are accounts that have not been active on twitter for over 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.

Accounts that haven’t tweeted or interacted with other accounts are classed as inactive.


inactive followers crowdfire

Accounts that have been inactive for these lengths of time have possibly been forgotten about or the user just has no real interest in twitter.

Being able to see these kind of accounts will allow you to unfollow them, making room for you to follow more accounts. Inactive accounts are not the accounts you want to follow. The purpose of social media is to be social. Follow accounts that will interact and follow back, not inactive ones.


This feature is basically a compilation of accounts that you simply choose to keep and never unfollow, even if they don’t follow you.

Accounts like these will most likely include influencers or people whose content you can’t live without. Once somebody is whitelisted, you wont be suggested to unfollow them, freeing up your “Non Followers” section.


whitelist followers crowdfire


There are 2 ways to whitelist people. You can click the whitelist option below their profile display, or type their username into the whitelist section. Both are illustrated in the photo above.


Similar to whitelist you also have the blacklist. However this list doesn’t contain accounts you admire, quite the opposite. Blacklisting an account means making sure they don’t have an opportunity to interact with you. Accounts usually featured in this list would  include, spammers, fake profiles and any kind of account producing content you may find offensive or simply do not want to see. You can blacklist accounts similar to the way you would whitelist.


Engagement is crucial with social media.

Engagement with the right people is key. Click To Tweet

This fantastic feature of Crowdfire allows you to copy a list of the most engaged and active followers of an account with a similar target audience. You can use this to copy followers of local and similar accounts as they will most likely be interested in your content aswell and hence follow you back.

copy followers crowdfire

To copy another account’s followers, just enter the username in the section pictured above and you’re good to go.


The publish feature will allow you to schedule simultaneous posts across your profiles or allow you to schedule individual posts.

publish crowdfire


To publish posts just click on the rocket icon pictured above and enter in the content you wish to publish. You then choose what profile you would like to publish it on and the time.You can even preview your posts by clicking the Preview button on the far left above the social media platform icons. It’s a fantastic feature, as it will save you time as you try to keep your social media accounts packed with great content.

The publish feature is however, something we do not use. We use buffer to do this. Don’t get me wrong, we love Crowdfire and its growth feature. We just prefer Buffers functionality when it comes to publishing. You can read more about how we use Buffer for scheduling here


Social media management is made easy with apps like this. Click To Tweet

It can be even easier when they have team options.

add team member crowdfire

This feature will appear when you navigate to the three dots located at the bottom of your screen. Then select the team member option. After your team member has gone through the registration process, they will then be able to manage your accounts without any knowledge of passwords.

In fact we use the team option here and we’ve found it to help our workflow so much. We all work together just on different accounts.


Whilst there is an option to just stay using Crowdfire for free, you can upgrade for very reasonable prices. The free plan with Crowdfire has applied limits to their usage and certain features that are blocked. These limits are removed and features unblocked when you upgrade. And Upgrading is quite reasonable as you can see here.


crowdfire plans

We would recommend upgrading particularly if you’re adding a team around you. Upgrading from free to paid will allow you to:

  • Link more social media profiles.
  • Add team members to lighten your workload.
  • Increase the size of your black/white lists.

There are many more fantastic features that you gain access to once you upgrade, many of which depend on the package you upgrade to.


Social media growth is by no means an easy task, so it would only make sense to use something that gives you a helping hand. Crowdfire does exactly that. Crowdfire has both free or paid versions, and even the paid version is affordable.

Make growth easy, use Crowdfire.

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