Buddy Shuffle

January’s the Best Time for a Buddy Shuffle

January is always a great time to shake things up!

To expand your way of thinking… to refocus the business and ensure you reach that goal you set yourself.

Is it Time for an Accountability Partner?

We’ve found that there is a great way to keep momentum up on the path to growth and that is to introduce an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Last year, in November 2017, when we launched the FREE Online Buddy Program as part of Get Strategic… Get Results!   we discovered just how important that was.

Check out our Blog Post on the Buddy Program Here.

We discovered that having someone to bounce insights and ideas sparked by the course would help each business progress even further on their journey and faster through the program.

The Buddy Shuffle

Now, as it’s January we’re shaking things up and doing a Buddy Shuffle. That means if you’re already on the program you get another new buddy to add to your support network.  You get to widen your support network, expand your comfort zone and push through to the next stage of the development of your business.
If you’re not already on the program, you’ll be partnered with a Buddy that will give you a different perspective on your business and you’ll do the same for them.  You can choose your own Buddy or we can match you up with someone you will have an affinity for and who has a business different enough from yours that they’ll bring something new to the table for you.
And because we’re starting again, it’s a great time to start Get Strategic… Get Results!

So, if you’re not on board already check out the

See you there!

I’ll be with you every step of the way 🙂


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