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Feature Roll Up: Ask the Expert. Make it Virtual

Delighted to share with you the latest of our planned Feature Roll Ups for the How Great Marketing Works experience.

It’s our Ask the Expert service and Mentoring is a Vital Ingredient

Mentoring is a critical component of all successful Entrepreneurship. You can read about it in most entrepreneurial publications that talk about the ingredients for business success.

It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to move from your current “known space” to an unknown area of expertise.

Listen to my Interview with RTE Radio 1’s, Richard Curran on this same topic Here.

The use of advice and support from someone who’s been there before completely fits in with my own experience and mantra for How Great Marketing Works which is…

If someone's been there before there's got to be a map... How Great Marketing Works is that Map! Click To Tweet

And we are all about making that map effective, affordable and accessible.

Introducing Ask the Expert Virtual Mentoring

Already in How Great Marketing Works, members can ask questions or make comments throughout each stage of this extensive 12 Module Program. Those questions or comments are ALWAYS replied to within 24 Hours at most.

Membership also includes access to a closed Facebook Group where entrepreneurs also on this journey are able to meet and interact virtually. Here specific marketing challenges can be discussed, explored and resolved not just by me but by all members of the community.

But I knew members needed more…

They needed something a little more private and just for them.

Something Just for You…

One of our members, the wonderful Deirdre O’Connor, the Deep Sleep Clinic wanted some specific advice on her landing page.

She could have scheduled a 30 minute or One hour mentoring session with me.

She could also have asked me to tweak her Landing Page.

When I suggested that we do a virtual ask the expert session instead where I recorded my insights for her to play back later she agreed.

Here are the results!



The Key Question for me here was… did this help Deirdre.

So here’s the feedback we got from her in her own words…

ask the expert - Deirdre O’Connor, The Deep Sleep Clinic

“Wow, am only half way through the video and am already getting so many great ways and ideas on what I need for my page. I’m really really excited to get such clear and insightful material. Thank you so, so much Finola – you’re a star ❇

It was great to get it in the video version as I found it easier to follow the suggestions when I could see them happening before my eyes. Therefore it made sense to me in a way that text often doesn’t.

It’s really great to get an ‘eagle eye’ from an expert in the marketing field and does definitely save a lot of angst and time in the long run.

So appreciative of you taking the time ………… and now I’ll go off and do the stuff on my end with more of a sense of what I’m doing. Happy Days!!!”


One of the cornerstones of How Great Marketing Works is to ensure that the right advice is always affordable and accessible.

Getting personalised support from experienced and impactful mentors is often cost prohibitive. To find someone with the right depth of experience and expertise can often start at $150 an hour if you can even get on their schedule.

Sessions such as these rarely take just an hour as invariably there’s the getting to know you stage too.

I wanted to create something that could work right now.

Something, that could shave time off sessions. And because members are active in the Facebook Group they are already familiar to me.

And we would ensure that they would also be familiar to future experts we will on board later.

I also knew that sometimes the advice revolves around a specific challenge like a landing page where a meeting wasn’t necessarily critical.

With Ask the Expert we've created choice for members. Click To Tweet

Members can choose the level of interaction, the length of the interaction and still get that expert and person centred advice they need when they need it.

Ask the Expert Mentoring Options

ask the expert virtual

ask the expert 30 ask the expert 1 hour
$75 Per Session $135 Per Session

$250 Per Session


Each option has impact and is just for the member in private. It can help them push through the obstacle that they face in that moment.

And more, they know that each session is with someone they trust and already know.

I’m delighted to share that these options are already being well received by members of the group. I’m happy to hear that they are already making a difference.

If you’d like to know more about our Ask the Expert service, just click here.

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  1. Finola – that was INCREDIBLY helpful! Like Deirdre says, I really like the video version. She seems to have a lot more content (and great pictures) compared to where I am, but now I’m seeing my website (core message? client journey? call to action? hmmm…) in a whole new light. Thank you!

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