ASk for the Right Help

Ask for the Right Help When You Need it…

I was delighted to be invited to take part in a discussion in the radio studios of RTE (Ireland’s National Broadcaster) talking with Richard Curran, the host of one of Ireland’s top business radio shows, the Business.

Myself and the other guest Shane Cradock were discussing the use of Management Consultants in business and the impact they do or do not have on business growth.

Ask for the Right Help

Having worked with a diversity of businesses over the years and having seen the patterns around what makes a business successful; the ability to ask for the right help is one key ingredient for success.

Self awareness underpins this ability to ask for the right help.

Understanding that it’s not possible for you to DO everything, KNOW everything or BE everything is revolutionary for an entrepreneur.

And as the business grows that “revolution” becomes an evolution as you start to climb towards success.

Vision as Tangible Framework

There is a need to bring the vision of the business into a tangible framework.

You must set key milestones  for every step of the journey.

The trick then is to both identify and understand what needs to be added to make all this a reality.

It is at this point then, that you start to ask for help.

Of course the challenge is not only to ASK for the right help but to BRING in the right help at just the right point in the business’s growth and then measure the impact of that help.

My biggest message for you here?

If you're bringing in outside help; Make it Measurable Click To Tweet

Check out our discussion on bringing in an outside perspective to your business.


Shane Cradock also wrote an interesting and personal perspective on this discussion which you can check out HERE.


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