If someone’s been there before, there’s got to be a map.

A map that updates and stays relevant so when you go off course you can find your way back again. This is what How Great Marketing Works is about.

I started to build a map of the entrepreneurial journey in 1996 when I was consulting. Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of businesses and I’ve seen the patterns in how they behave, when they fall, why they fall and how they pick themselves up again.  I’ve also seen what makes them succeed.

It never matters what the business is or the industry it’s in.  They all hit the same walls at around the same time.   And while the specifics of each fix are very different the core solution or approach is often the same.  The business simply has to fill in that missing piece of the puzzle.

It just has to follow the map. And now you can too.

It’s important to me that this map is affordable to any size of business regardless of where they are on the journey. So the price of the map will never be more than a few cups of coffee a month and each lesson can be completed in the time it takes to drink that cup coffee.

So check out the map and enjoy the journey!

It will change your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s covered in the Training Programme?
There are 12 modules in all including Vision, Products, Customers, Market Research, Brand, Web, Social Media, Planning and so much more.

How much is this Training Programme? 

We want to make this accessible to as many entrepreneurs as possible. So we came up with an innovative way to do that. You can Rent it for just €50 per month or Buy it outright and work directly with Finola Howard to make your marketing great for just €1,695.

Does it take long?
The videos take no more than 7 minutes and the worksheets no longer than a cup of coffee.

Can I take this course on my cell or mobile phone?
You can do it on your cellphone / mobile, your tablet, at your desk or just wherever feels comfortable.


“Step one For Success:

Know the Journey before you take it”

Finola Howard

Points along the Journey

Our Vision

We help businesses create sustainable business dreams


It is WE who will change the world. Without "WE" ideas stay in the mind. We would love to partner with you to help entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams in a way that is sustainable for them and for everyone.