Great Website Content

How to Write Great Content For Your Website

Welcome to the third post in our Writing Great Content series. This time, we’re going to turn our attention to your website content. Your website is your shop window on the Internet. Customers can browse and sample what you offer, and if they like what they see, they’ll buy. That’s why your website content is … Continued

How to Write Great Media Content Press Release

How to Write Great Media Content

In the second of our Writing Great Content series, we turn our attention to content for offline media outlets. In particular, we’ll talk about writing content the media will like. Newspapers and radio are still an important part of your marketing campaign. It’s especially useful for building a profile in the area where you live. … Continued

Content Writing Strategy

How to Build a Great Content Writing Strategy

When you’re in business, your ultimate goal is to sell. Let’s not put too fine a point on it. You’ll grab at any opportunity to spread the word about your products and services – and rightly so. We always think there’s some secret weapon to selling, and if we could only figure out what it … Continued

How to Make Your Products Remarkable

How to Make Your Products Remarkable

I can’t believe I’ve already done one-quarter of the How Great Marketing course. I’m feeling more confident, and I have a stronger sense of what I can offer people. So this is exactly the right time for me to be doing Module Three, which is all about what you offer. What’s in Module Three – Build … Continued

How to Make your dreams happen

How to Make Your Dreams Happen

In this post, I’m going to be telling you all about Module Two: Your Vision as Intention. This is the module that helps you turn your dreams into reality. It encourages you to commit to learning how to make your dreams happen and then to just go do it. As a creative soul, I’m very … Continued

Starting Out

Starting out on the Journey to Great Marketing

I’m a business owner with a staff of just one – me. I spend my days juggling balls and hoping they’ll stay in the air. It’s not just about the work I do for clients – it’s a lucky day when I can concentrate just on that. I also have to do the accounts, plan … Continued